What do we do

We help our clients to think, trace and take the steps to implement DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION by addressing 5 areas


We study with the client the sustainable evolution towards the digital business, we design the way to achieve it and coordinate the operation to implement it

  • New business / business models

  • Value proposition

  • Technology

  • Strategic agenda

  • SMO - Strategy Management Office


We research and develop ideas to make disruptive changes, we plan the capabilities to be developed and the benefits to achieve and we implement them

  • New products and services

  • Innovation lab

  • Open innovation

Customer Engagement

We improve the interaction of consumers with the brand by working on digital initiatives that enhance it in marketing, sales and post-sales

  • Contact policy

  • Marketing Automation

  • Salesforce Automation

  • CRM

  • Loyalty

  • Customer Care

  • Analytics / Big data

  • E-commerce

  • Omnichannel

  • Audience management

Operational Excellence

We seek to develop and install a differential way of working to achieve the results of a digital business, in the planned times, costs and quality.

  • Task simplification

  • Supply chain

  • LEAN

  • PMO – Project Management Office

  • Agile

  • RPA – Robot Process Automation

  • Machine Learning

  • AI/Deep Learning


We develop appropriate skills of the organization to adopt the change to digital.

  • Culture

  • Change management

  • Coaching

  • Performance management

  • Spans & Layers

  • Employee experience

  • Training & development

About us

CEIBO was imagined by a team of talented individuals with extensive experience, and numerous field credentials, who all share a common goal. 

They apply their combined talents to investigating - and eventually applying - the highest management practices, disruptive technologies and new business models, helping clients imagine - and design - their transformation strategies, optimal processes and resulting corporate structure, bearing in mind cultural issues as well as client experience, specially leveraged on emerging technologies.

Convinced, as they are, that even the best initiatives many times can only go so far, or even flounder, and in many instances hardly meet even the mildest expectations, CEIBO are focused on achieving final transformation and, working alongside their clients, implement innovative strategies that create real opportunities and represent sustainable growth and other advantages.

At CEIBO they are players focusing on the future, contributing to the creation of value ecosystems for different industries. We work side by side with customers, suppliers, vendors of technology, fintech industries, regulators as well as end users, generating new value standards by simplifying people's lives.


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